Scarlet Hall plays MAISIE MCCORMACK, a twelve-year-old girl whose journey towards adolescence has convinced her twin sister that she’s lost her mind. She is kind and considerate but doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Mostly, she suffers fools with crossed arms and dangerous look. Together with her sister DAISY, she hijacks a more traditional children’s film in order to tell their story. 

Scarlet is a 12-year-old actress making her first forays into film with roles in A Dozen Summers and Finding Richard already to her credit. She has taken to film work in a manner which has depressed her father greatly, as he had hoped she’d take up something more secure so she could support him in his old age.



Hero Hall plays DAISY MCCORMACK, a twelve-year-old girl who suffers fools even less gladly than MAISIE. Actually, she doesn’t really suffer anyone. She’s smart, sarcastic and says what she’s thinking. Everything she’s thinking. All of the time. As far as she’s concerned, they should be making a horror movie, but, in her own words, “Maisie’s a wimp.”

Hero is a 12-year-old actress appearing in her first film role. If she had her way, she’d be directing it as well. And writing it. And casting it. She’s pretty happy with the catering so far, however. In her downtime, she mostly watches Young Dracula.



Sarah Warren plays JACQUELINE McCORMACK – mother to MAISIE and DAISY. A model (“Not a real model” – DAISY) who is trying to figure out how to be a mother to her increasingly grown-up daughters without losing herself in the process. An unconventional mother – but a much better one than she thinks she is – JACQUELINE is a free spirit in a world that regards such things with a raised eyebrow. Which is ironic, as her new boyfriend TYLER has borrowed his eyebrows from Roger Moore.

Sarah Warren is a Canadian actor, writer and director. She studied Acting at the University of Toronto and was selected to attend a specialised course in interdisciplinary art taught by acclaimed director Atom Egoyan, who encouraged her comic voice. Her first feature as director, Moments Before premiered at festivals in Toronto and LA. It was while making M.L.E. (2014) that she first met writer/director Kenton Hall who she had cast to play an insecure, loquacious and perpetually struggling actor – a case of Art imitating Life if ever there was one.



Kenton Hall plays HENRY McCORMACK – father to MAISIE and DAISY. A novelist whose career kept him travelling for many years, HENRY is desperately trying to make up for lost time by transforming himself into, in the girls’ words, “Dad times ten”. He is a fountain of advice, wisdom and help, whether MAISIE and DAISY like it or not.

Kenton Hall is a Canadian actor, writer, musician and director. He has appeared in numerous films in both lead and supporting roles including, amongst others, Les Misérables, Muppets Most Wanted, Sarah Warren’s M.L.E. and Clare Speller’s Father to Fall (which he also wrote). Due to his decision to direct a children’s film he is now, apparently, 972 years old.


GARY – Ewen MacIntosh

Ewen MacIntosh plays GARY, a beleaguered shopkeeper whose strict “three children at a time” rule is thrown into utter disarray by the presence of a movie camera.

Ewen MacIntosh is an actor and writer who requires no introduction to anyone who has ever watched British comedy. But we’re going to introduce him anyway, as it’s only polite. Having made his name as Keith in The Office, he has gone on to bring his unique comic presence and timing to countless TV programmes and films, including Miranda, Navelgazing Presents (which he also wrote), Mongrels, Life’s Too Short and The Scouting Book for Boys.


THE NARRATOR – Colin Baker

Colin Baker plays THE NARRATOR, who is happily going about his own business narrating a perfectly lovely and franchise-friendly children’s film when MAISIE and DAISY question his right to be there in the first place. Because they’re like that.

Colin Baker is a true legend of stage and screen, who studied at the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) and subsequently became a fixture on British television, appearing in War and Peace, The Brothers, The Citadel, Casualty, Jonathan Creek, Hustle, Dangerfield and The Roads to Freedom, amongst many others. He is also extremely active in the theatre, covering a wide range of genres, with roles in Deathtrap, Privates on Parade, The Woman in White and House of Ghosts (as Inspector Morse). He was also The Doctor in Doctor Who. But we suspect you knew that.


JENNIFER - Holly Jacobson

Holly Jacobson plays JENNIFER – the school bully and leader of The Gang of Three. They don’t actually call themselves that, but it looks good written down, doesn’t it? Like most bullies though, she has problems of her own, which MAISIE and DAISY are about to find out.

Holly Jacobson is an 11-year-old actor and film-maker with numerous credits on both side of the camera, including All Stars, Candy Crime and For My Next Trick. You can find out more about Holly at her own site:


SAMUEL - David Knight

David Knight plays SAMUEL, the “token” boy in the girls’ group of friends. Secretly – although not that secretly – in love with DAISY, he is often the voice of sense within the group. Also the voice of “Daisy is always right” which Daisy sees as much the same thing.

David Knight is a prodigiously talented actor and comedian who has appeared in short films such as Rhys Davies’ and Doug Cubin’s Finding Richard (alongside his Dozen Summers co-stars Colin Baker, Holly Hurn and Scarlet Hall), on TV in Doctors and Britain’s Got Talent and is currently filming a 10-part series for CBBC.



Sylvia Robson plays THE MOTHER, the put-upon parent of THE BOY and THE GIRL, the stars of the film which Maisie and Daisy hijack.

Sylvia is an East-Midlands based actor who has played a wide variety of roles in film and theatre, including starring alongside Kenton Hall in the music video for Wolves by Mazarine Blue, directed by Iain Morris.



Kieron Attwood plays MR. BROWN, one of Maisie and Daisy’s long-suffering teachers – who or may not also be a Mr. Darcy in waiting.

Kieron is a critically-acclaimed Leicester-based actor who has excelled in both film and theatre.



Jordan Handford plays JACK, father to the school bully, JENNIFER – and, quite likely, the reason she has become a bully in the first place.

Jordan is a film and theatre actor, based in Leicester, who appears regularly on stage and screen, with credits including Bus Stop, Wet Day, The Fort and Father to Fall.



Clifford Hume plays JONATHAN, a potential suitor for JACQUELINE. A loquacious actor, he has some stories to tell and some names to drop.

Clifford is a film, television and theatre actor of incredible range and warmth. He once kept Kenton Hall entertained on an incredibly cold set, while they jointly investigated some 19th century crimes. Like you do.



Sanjiv Hayre plays SQUIRREL, another potential suitor for JACQUELINE. He is an eco-warrior – no, sorry, an eco-Sandinista. He lives in a tree, put it that way.

Sanjiv is an incredibly talented and funny actor and writer who has appeared across film, television and theatre, including Eastenders for the BBC and numerous short and feature films.



Tallulah Sheffield plays the long-suffering MISS WALTERS, MAISIE’s and DAISY’S art teacher at Lavender High. She is entirely unaware that they have set their sights on her as a love interest for HENRY.

Tallulah is an alumni of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and the New York Film Academy. In 2014, in addition to A Dozen Summers, she will also be playing the lead in Jesse Ross’ The Other Side of Home and Omar Khan’s The Disaster That Is My Love Life.



Quinton Nyrienda plays MATTY ARCHER, a love interest for MAISIE, who may or may not have a full-moon-related secret.

Quinton is a young actor who will be incredibly familiar to BBC audiences having appeared in Holby City, Lizard Girl and in a long-running role as Assan in the popular children's drama Young Dracula.



Marcella Just plays THE GIRL, one of the young heroes of the film hijacked by MAISIE and DAISY. She is about to go on an incredible adventure. Unfortunately, the movie isn't going with her.

One of the youngest members of the cast, the talented and natural Marcella has already racked up appearances across film and television, included the BAFTA-winning Lizard Girl for BBC2.