A Dozen Summers is out NOW

Hello all,

I know it’s been a while since I wrote here on the official page, but I’m sure you’ve seen me whizzing about the internet, making a nuisance of myself about the film, so at least you know I’ve been busy.

The gist of it all is that the process of getting “A Dozen Summers” out to every living person in the world has finally begun. It make take a little time, but I’m a determined chap and, hey, we’ve come this far, haven’t we?

So, where can you buy/watch/eat(?) A Dozen Summers?

Well, if you’re in the UK, the US and Canada we have good news for you.

The rest of the world, rest assured we’re working on it.

So, in the UK, the film is available in ASDA, HMV and independent DVD shops, as well as Amazon, Zavvi, Base.com, Hive and more.

Streaming options are coming soon.

In the US and Canada, you buy DVDs direct from Stacks Entertainment‘s own site, or their eBay shop. You can also stream the film from Stacks here.

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Look forward to hearing from you.



August 2016