For Your Consideration: A Dozen Summers @ Mill Valley Film Festival

My name is Kenton Hall. I’m almost 100 percent certain of that. I have some doubts, as you will see. I mean, my passport appears to agree with me, but there is a small possibility it has been drinking.

It is certainly the name that appears in the credits of “A Dozen Summers”, a family comedy I appear to have directed in some kind of fugue state. The last two years are a little hazy, due to, as one doctor put it, “not sleeping a whole bunch”.

The upshot is that myself and a number of people who eclipse me in talent as the moon might eclipse a walnut, made a movie. A comedy about being 12 in the 21st century, designed for children and adults alike. A comedy with a budget that, in Hollywood terms, might buy the sandwiches for the lighting department if they were on a diet.

Those of us who remember the process are very proud. It stars twins Scarlet and Hero Hall as the protagonists, Maisie and Daisy McCormack. They are either my actual daughters, or nefarious blackmailers. Again, hazy. Either way, they keep asking me for money.

The rest of the incredible cast includes Colin Baker (Doctor Who), Ewen MacIntosh (The Office), Sarah Warren (MLE) and many, many more – young and the other young alike. All of whom made the experience of making the film – which in many ways was also terrifying – a joy.

A terrifying joy. Perhaps I should have put that on the poster.

It does sum up parenthood.

My point is that, for the last two years, I haven’t been entirely convinced that my name wasn’t “A Dozen Summers”. I have eaten, breathed and slept this movie. Except the last one. See above.

Which brings to me to my invitation. The truly, lovely, wonderful, welcoming, kind, professional and altogether swell folks at Mill Valley Film Festival decided to take a chance on our movie. To include it alongside the likes of The Danish Girl, Spotlight, Suffragette, 45 Years, Mustang, I Smile Back… the list goes on and on. So many great films, alongside which it is a brain-freezing delight to stand.

We are so honoured to be a part of the festival and especially honoured and thrilled to be included in the “Mind the Gap” strand of the festival, as we have scores of incredibly talented women both behind and in front of the camera on “A Dozen Summers”, not least our producer Alexzandra Jackson, our leads Scarlet and Hero Hall, and Sarah Warren, my co-Canadian and writer/director/producer in her own right with M.L.E.

They’ve taken a chance on us and I hope you’ll prove them right and take a chance on “A Dozen Summers”. We tried to make something different. Something funny. Something about 82 minutes long. We hope you enjoy the result.

We’re screening October 10th and October 18th.

Details and tickets are below:

A Dozen Summers @ Mill Valley Film Festival

On behalf of everyone at “A Dozen Summers”

Kenton Hall

Somewhere, tired.

October 8th, 2015.