Review Round-Up IV: A Fistful of Reviews

And more reviews for “A Dozen Summers” have arrived, ahead of our official cinema launch on Friday, August 21st:

Once again, thank you to all of the reviewers:

Natalie Beech, The Grade: 

“This hilarious film pays tribute to the imagination and kind-heartedness of childhood whilst respecting it.”

Full review:–a-dozen-summers-2015

Let’s Start With This One: 

“4 Stars”

Full review:

Ben Gummery, Battle Royale With Cheese

“Bold, hopeful British indie comedy/drama at its best.”

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Also to be found at  Ben’s blog Indie Mac User:

Ethan Barr, Embarr Films

“Adolescent imaginations blossom by way of editing magic in this warm, friendly family film.”

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Elizabeth Howlett, Bloggy Balboa

“Like Tracy Beaker meets Adaptation.”

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Katie Doyle, The Film Magazine

A Dozen Summers trumps its contemporaries in its great humour and its assurance long after the film that things will turn out all right.”

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