Review Round-Up V: Are We Officially A Franchise Yet?

As we edge closer and closer to release, there have been a number of new reviews rolling in:

Sarah Cook, Cookie ‘N’ Screen:

“You’ll come away from A Dozen Summers with a smile on your face, a click in your heel and a wish to spend the waning summer days in the midst of childlike wandering.”

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Amy West, International Business Times:

“Offers up plenty of laughs for both children and adults”

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Gloria Daniels-Moss, I’m With Geek

Zarina Rimbaud-Kadirbaks, Dutch Girl in London:

“Touching and witty”

Martin Hudecek, Doctor Who News/Reviews In Time and Space

“A very enjoyable effort from a talented cast and crew”

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Bram Welch, Films & What Not

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Karen Woodham, Blazing Minds:

“4 Stars… Delightful and quirky”

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Freda Cooper, The Coops Review:

“4 stars…  I can’t believe you won’t like it.”

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Mason Manuel, Reel Dude Reviews:

“A Dozen Summers shows how to do Indie film right.”

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Movie Drivel:

“There have been some big budget movies (and even some low budget movies) released this summer that lacked the originality that this movie carries.”